‘Spirituality is the master key of Indian mind. It is this dominant inclination of India which gives character to all the expressions of her culture.’

– Sri Aurobindo

Date           :  11th & 12th January 2020   

Venue        :  Champak Hills, Jangaon (near Bhongir), Telangana.



  Prabuddha Bharat – Enlightened India  

  Mrs Lakshmi Jyoti

  Dr Chhalamayi Reddy


  Tarun Bharat – Youthful India   Mr Srinivas Mulugu


  Nipun Bharat – Skilled India   Mr Sailesh Singhal


  Nutana Bharat – Contemporary India            

  Vinayana (Education)                              

  Parisara Rakshana (Save Environment)

  Natya Shastra (Theatre)


  Mr Vinay Chousalkar

  Mr Sailesh Singhal

  Dr Rammohan Holagundi


  Sri Aurobindo – Purna Swaraj   Mr Dushmanta Samal


  Vismayaatmak Bharat – Amazing Facts   Mrs Reshma Inamdar


  Swasthya – Fit India   Mr Kotla Narayan


  Dhyan – Guided Meditation   Mr Srinivas Mulugu


  Vande Mataram – Song   Mrs Swati Mulugu


  Anveshan – Finding your true calling   Participants

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LAKSHMI JYOTHI C, Working in the area of Cultural and Spiritual Tourism through her outfit, AuroIndian

Lakshmi Jyothi C belongs to the first batch of Masters in Tourism Administration in the country passing out from Pondicherry University. She was the Chief Training Officer, Tourism and Hospitality Training Center, Andhra Pradesh Tourism in which capacity she undertook several innovative measures in tourism education. She organized several workshops and conferences and contributed many articles. Ever since her college days, she has been passionate about understanding Indian culture and interpreting it as relevant to the changing times of the Contemporary World.




CHHALAMAYI REDDY, Principal Sri Aurobindo International School

She  was a student of Sri Aurobindo International Center of Education, Puducherry until 1977. She graduated from Ohio University, USA in 1984. She received her Ph.D. in 1991 from the Department of English, Pondicherry University, where she completed her thesis on Sri Aurobindo’s critique of poetry based on his ‘The Future Poetry’.

She is currently in the process of orienting and training the teachers in the vision of Integral Education and Value Education. She also conducts workshops on Indian Culture, writes scripts and directs cultural activities, convenes art workshops and organizes academic exhibitions for self development of teachers and students. She has been Principal of the school since the last twenty six years



SRINIVAS MULUGU, MS, MBA, Director of SAFIM (Sri Aurobindo Foundation for Integral Management)

Srinivas Mulugu has worked for over 18 years with several globally renowned companies such as Nokia Siemens, Cisco Systems, Juniper Networks, Sprint Telecommunications and Wipro. The nature of his work included sales, key customer account management, corporate strategy management, management of globally distributed teams, etc.                                   

Presently, his main works include compilations of Sri Aurobindo’s and The Mother’s works, organising seminars/workshops on Integral Living, Guided Meditation and many more.



SAILESH SINGHAL, UN My World 2030 Asia-Pacific Region Youth Advocate

 Sailesh Singhal is the Founder of Youth of India, a movement initiated to empower, engage and evolve the young people of India through innovative campaigns and discussions. 

He has been spreading awareness about ‘#UnPlastic India’and ‘Share One, Plant One.’

He has also been featured in the United Nations Youth Flash Newsletter, a monthly newsletter issued by Department of Economic and Social Affairs Division for Social Policy and Development.



VINAY CHOUSALKAR, Co-founder and CEO of 23.4 Degrees Education Services Pvt. Ltd. BE, MBA (IIM A)

Vinay Chousalkar worked the first 10 years in technology (Infosys). Education has been his industry of choice for the last 10 years. He has worked with Educational Initiatives earlier where he was heading their product development. At 23.4 Degrees, he and his team create products that are designed to help students achieve excellence in their academics. They achieve this through implementing effective learning processes through their products, involving the teachers and  just the right technology intervention. They are presently launching a new solution that provides adaptive exam preparation solution to students. 




RAMMOHAN HOLAGUNDI, Director & Founder member of – Nishumbita Ballet & Theatre Group

Dr. Rammohan Holagundi, has Thirty Years experience in the field of Acting & Theatre. A Theatre Activist, Teacher, Mentor, Trainer and Theatre Director holds a Doctoral Degree from Theatre Arts Department – Osmania University. He graduated in Masters of Performing Arts from Theatre Arts Discipline, as a Gold Medalist in the year 1997. On the social front Dr. Ram and his team Nishumbita since 1995 has been immensely using Theatre as a weapon to fight for all social issues like harmony, integration, Swachh Bharat, girl child, education, Women’s empowerment, Entrepreneurship ,labor, pollution, deforestation, water harvesting etc. Dr. Ram also works towards using Drama as a Therapy for Special Needs in collaboration with other NGO, organizations.