School Event

JUNE 1st – Saturday School Re-opens (X to XII) Half-a-day                                       Induction Program for Class XI
  3rd – Monday Re-opens for Class IX
  5th – Wednesday * Ramzan (Holiday)
  10th – Monday     Classes Start for Class I to VIII
  21st – Friday International Yoga Day
  24th – 29th Discipline Week
 JULY 13th – Saturday Open House for Classes I to XII
  16th – Tuesday Guru Purnima Celebrations
  20th – Saturday Class-X – Ramakrishna Mutt (Workshop)
  22nd – 27th Safety Week
  25th – Thursday The Founder’s Day  – Prof. V.Madhusudan Reddy Garu
  29th – Monday Bonalu (Holiday)
AUGUST 5th – 15th Sri Aurobindo’s Week
  9th – Friday Varalakshmi Pooja (Holiday)
  10th & 11th (Sat&Sun) * Leadership Camp (at Jangaon) Class-X
  12th – Monday * Bakrid (Holiday)
  15th – Thursday Independence Day & Sri Aurobindo’s Birthday / Raksha Bandhan
  23rd – Friday Krishnastami (Holiday)
SEPTEMBER 2rd – Monday Vinayaka Chaturdi (Holiday)
  5th – Thursday Self-Governing Day & Teachers Day Celebrations
  9th – 24th 1st Term Examination for (Classes VIII to XII)
  10th – Tuesday * Moharrum  (Holiday)
  12th – Thursday Ganesh Nimarjan (Holiday)
  21st – Saturday Reports for Classes I to VII
  28th – Saturday Battukamma / Reports for Class I to XII
  29th Sept. – 9th Oct. 1st Term Holidays (Dasara)
OCTOBER 2nd – Wednesday Gandhi Jayanti (Holiday)
  10th – Thursday School Re-opens
  26th Sat & 27th  Sun      Deepavalli / Naraka Chaturdasi (Holiday)
 NOVEMBER 10th – Sunday * Milad-un-nabi (Holiday)
  11th– Monday *Karthika poornima (Holiday)
  14th – Thursday Children’s Day Celebrations
  17th – 20th (Sun – Wed) The Mothers’ Maha Samadhi  
  24th– Sunday Sri Aurobindo’s Siddhi Day
DECEMBER 5th – 9th (Thu to Mon) Sri Aurobindo’s Maha Samadhi
  6th Fri & 7th Sat Annual Exhibition
  8th – Sunday Jayanthi Talk
  9th – Monday Holiday
  13th – Friday IHS Birthday
  25th Wed & 26thThu Christmas (Holidays)
  23rd 6th Jan.2020 Half Yearly Examination for (Classes VIII to XII)
JANUARY 2020 1st – Wednesday New Year Day – Meditation
  11th – Saturday Reports Day for Classes VIII to XI ,  Open Day for Classes I to VII
  12th – 19th 2nd Term Holidays (Sankranthi)
  20th – Monday School Re-opens
  20th to 31st Pre-finals for Class XII
  20th to 8thFeb Pre-finals for Class X
  26th – Sunday Republic Day Celebrations
FEBRUARY 11th – Tuesday Sri Aurobindo’s Relics Installation Day
  12th – 20th The Mother’s Week
  11th – Tuesday Sri Aurobindo’s Relics Installation Day
  21st – Friday The Mother’s Birthday/Maha Sivaratri/Reports & Hall Tickets for Class-X
  22nd Feb to 4 th Mar * Annual Examination for (Classes VIII, IX & XI)
MARCH 7th – Saturday Parent Teacher Meeting
  12th – Thursday School Re-opens for the New Academic Year (2020 – 2021)
  25th –Wednesday Ugadi (Holiday)
APRIL  2nd – Thursday Srirama Navami (Holiday)
  10th – Friday Good Friday (Holiday)
  13th April – 31st May Summer Holidays
  24th – Friday Darshan Day – Last Working Day for Teachers

* Dates, Evens and Holidays – subject to change

* III and V Saturday working day (HAlf-A-Day) for students of Classes V to XII